Register by creating an account using your basic pharmacy information along with User details and state licensing information. You will receive an acceptance email once your account is approved.


Once you login in for the first time you are able to view a simple dashboard that provides you information regarding all the invoices that suppliers have agreed to share. Next you can add your credit card and bank information and invite other suppliers to share their invoices with you.

Manage Invoice

Under “Manage Invoices” you may view all your invoices in a simple to understand format. Suppliers usually update their invoices daily so are able to have the most up to date invoices in your possession. When you are ready you may select the invoices that are due and the financial information on file will be used to make payments to each suppliers using SSL Tier 1 PCI compliant security protocols, the ones that banks use. All the suppliers are paid directly with minimal exposure of your financial information. For this reason you may now tell participating suppliers to remove your existing auto-payment instructions that you may have provided to them in the past. In today’s data breach environment centralizing and protecting your financial information is paramount. RxInvoice does this for you.


You may opt in for our “AutoPay” feature. We make the payments on your behalf automatically on the day the invoices are due. Simple. You get notified when payment is about to happen so you are in control every step of the way. You can even keep an eye on your credit lines with various suppliers to better understand your exposure on how it may affect your primary wholesalers contracts. Additionally searching for invoices when PBM audits are due is now simple using RxInvoice. You are in good hands with Rxinvoice. Register and try us now for 30 days risk free.