Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rxinvoice Payment System?

Rxinvoices makes it easy for pharmacies to view and pay on outstanding invoices. Simple aggregation of supplier invoices adds transparency and control to the accounts payable process. It makes better financial control and reduces the cost associated with administrative work.
Additionally, the current changes in the supply chain and insurance reimbursements leave no option for the pharmacy other than to shop for best cost on their medication at the expense of rising costs related to administrative and regulatory processes.


How long does it take to register?

Typically, it will take up to 1-2 business days to complete full registration and account set up.


I have multiple pharmacies. Can I set up an account for each of them?

Yes, under the “master account” you can set up as many stores as you want. Each store will have   their own individual payment method.


How long will it take to receive my invoices?

For a Supplier who has already registered it may take up to 2 days from acceptance by a supplier to switch your invoice path to Rxinvoice.


What will happen to my historical invoices?

Past Invoices will not be available at this time, only new and open invoices will be shown. 


How do I send a message to the supplier?

In your Pharmacy profile you will see all the registered Vendors. You can then select the ones you want to message, and the internal messaging tool will notify the Vendor that you want all future invoices to transmitted to RXInvoice.


Will the terms on my invoice change?

Your supplier terms and all other conditions surrounding the sale do not change. Simple aggregation of your new invoices is the main function of Rxinvoice. However, for members of RxInvoice the supplier has the option to extend payment terms if you continue to maintain a good payment history and keep up your Credit Rating.


Can I set up an “Auto Pay” to pay my invoices when they are due?

Yes, an AutoPay functionality is built into the system. We strongly advise that you utilize the function for several reasons. Firstly, you get convenience and peace of mind by never missing a payment. On the due date of an invoice a payment will be taken out of your account or credit card. This way you will maintain a good credit rating. Secondly, if you opt in and if you purchase up to 90% of your Suppliers credit line the autopay will make an early payment so that you can continue to make purchases without interruption.

This functionality is designed to pay through ACH first then Credit Card. You will have option to select your preferred method of payment .


Are payments Aggregated ? 

Yes, if more than one invoice is selected or due for payment the transactions will be aggregated by Vendor.


How do I access the pedigree portal?

Pedigree centralization is almost here. It will allow you to view pedigree documentation from partner suppliers in an easy to use format and all in one place. Complying with insurance audits will become a much easier process. Currently you will be able to access the pedigree through your dashboard as a link to the Vendors site.


What is the cost to use Rxinvoice?

Rxinvoice is offered to the pharmacy at no cost for the first month and after that a low price of $14.99/month for Trxade members (regular price $39.99/month)

The basic account is free. You will be able to view invoices, view your charts, invite suppliers and mark invoices as paid however you can only make payment to your Supplier with a paid account.


Is the software secure?

Rxinvoice has deep security measures built into it. It allows for Level 3 payment processing and is also Level 1 PCI compliant together with full EV SSL security.


How can I contact RxInvoice?

Please use the easy chat service we offer to get in touch with us. Alternatively, you may call our toll free number 1-877-273-4979 or send us an email to